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Monday, 3 January 2011


Since I ended up being completely useless last year, there will be no new blog for 2011, this one will have to continue.

Last years unmet targets will become this years targets, with a couple added/changed for good measure.

It has been 4 months (and more) since my last blog entry, and I will have to concentrate on making the time and not letting real life get in the way. The final holiday updates (for my benefit so I can actually remember it in my dotage) will be on the way soon, but first a review of 2010.

"Could do better". I remember seeing that on more than a few school report, and it rings true now.
9:00 on the Etape du Dales - Fail. Reset for 2011
Time trial targets - not attempted, but the Tour de Mercredi will be trialling this year
LeJoG - Success. Lets NOT do that again this year
Climb Alpe D'Huez in 90 minutes. Been there, done that. Lets try it again but in 75 minutes this time.
5000 miles. Fail. Only did 4500. Going for 5000 again this year.
Weight loss. Ahem. Well. Yes. Lets try again in 2011, shall we?
Added targets - 25 commutes to & from work. Doesn't sound much, but it is 40 miles each way.

So, New Year, New(ish) Targets. I am currently just ahead of the curve 48 miles in 3 days including my first real road ride for weeks today. Feeling better already. Next ride the Poor Student Audax on Saturday. 206km then should put me well on schedule.

Onwards and, most probably, upwards.