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Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Diet from Hell!

Shortly before Christmas, I was prescribed a course of antibiotics originally intended for carthorses. They made me feel so ill, I ended up not completing the course. The problem cleared up.

Not, it seems, before the equine medication had completely stripped my digestive system clean of anything beneficial whatsoever, leaving just 'bad bacteria' and Candida behind. Cue increasing malaise and general feeling rough.

"Hmmm", says physician, "we need to clear that up. Rather than medication how good are you at keeping to diets?" Stupid question really, I mean, look at me! Nevertheless, I am attempting the 4 week "Diet from Hell" in a vain attempt to starve the lodgers in my alimentary canal before I starve myself.

On this regime, I am NOT allowed:
Anything with yeast in it (marmite, bread, beer....)
Any easily digested starchy carbs (rice, potatoes etc)
Sugars of most descriptions (including fruit juice)
Anything cured, fermented or malted
Tea & Coffee
Dairy products
Refined grains

But I can eat:
Onions & Garlic
Anything Cabbagey (yippee)
Salads & Fresh Veg

Not a lot of choice really, but I shouldn't complain. After 10 days of Shredded Wheat for Breakfast, Crudites & Houmus for lunch, and Chicken with wholegrain rice in the evening, the scales are proclaiming me to be 3.6kg (8lbs) lighter.

If I can stand to repeat the exercise, or change habits altogether, I might actually make target number 1. Problem is, without the carbs, I hardly have the energy to walk to the turbo, never mind get on it.

Its only 4 weeks. Its only 4 weeks. Its only 4 weeks.......

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Getting the ticker moving

For the last 10 days prior to this weekend, my cycling activity has been precisely zero.

Sure, we were all ready to go for the cancelled Audax last weekend, but instead of hitting the turbo as an alternative, I hit the sofa. I think that the cancellation of the ride was the last straw, and it left me feeling "why bother?".

Work and everything else have contrived to beat me flat in the following period to the extent that I couldn't bring myself to even think about getting on the bike. Until yesterday.

Yesterday, we both bit the bullet and went out for a gentle spin (with cafe stop, of course) but went the longer and bumpier way round. By the time we had finished 41 steady miles had racked up, and I was feeling much improved.

Today was the Stratford CC Reliability Ride which, in a moment of weakness, I agreed to ride sometime ago. To lighten the effort, I had arranged to ride with a couple of others, but circumstances intervened, and I rode alone. Except for trying to get on the wheels of those overtaking.

During the week, my thoughts have turned to making an effort today to at least match my time of 2 years ago, when I was training for the Etape. I recall a time of about 4:12 for the lumpy 54 miles which, with gritted teeth, I reckon I could match. Imagine my 'disappointment' to read back on the blog from 2 years ago to see I rode a 3:34. Weather today was chilly but not cold, damp but not wet. Probably about the best you can hope for this time of year.

I got off in the first group, assuming that this would help given my appalling climbing ability (weight might just be a factor.....) and sat in a group until the first climb at Mickleton up into the Cotswolds. The group immediately split into 2 groups of 4 (no prizes for guessing which half I was in), but by the top I was on my own with 3 still behind. Dovers Hill at 16% is a rude awakening for those who don't know it's just round the corner. Many Kenilworth Wheelers passed on the next section to Broadway Tower, but I couldn't muster enough speed to latch onto any of them.

This continued to Stow, but the big group of faster riders still hadn't materialised. They caught me last time up the hill into Stow, but I was out of the town and heading downhill this year before the sound of whizzing freewheels came up behind. The best effort I had put me on the back for 2km, but that was it. In Great Wolford, the legs went home, and refused to come out to play for the last 20km. Just as I was gaining momentum something always got in the way, hill, t-junction, flock of sheep being herded along the road. With an eye on the time, I pushed the whole of the remaining ride, creeping over the line for 3:35, a solitary minute slower than 2 years ago.

Reasons to be faster than 2008:
Today I was riding my Trek flying machine

Excuses for being slower:
Changed HQ added half a mile
I lost 2 minutes to sheep
I am fatter than 2 years ago (10kg-ish)
It was warmer in 2008

At an average speed of over 15mph, I'll take it, and be very happy. On the down side, it proves that training works, so I'd better do more of it.

Sofa calls.......